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Lace Melting Spray




Brand: CB

Size:  120ml

Product Details

MELTING SPRAY: The ultimate melting spray to seamlessly lay your wig while styling your edges!

ALL DAY: Extra holding finish for you so that you can go about your day without worrying about your wigs lifting or not blending. Ultra hold meets affordability.

SEAMLESS: Few sprays on top of your wig is all you need to melt your lace down for the natural seamless look.

PROTECTION: Specially formulated with sunflower seed oil to provide the scalp and strands with the nutrients needed for strong hair growth and silk protein, aids in hair strength and moisture to protect your edges.

CRUELTY FREE: Our Lace Melting Spray is cruelty free meaning you can slay your wig while being conscious.


  1. Remove all residues and dirt around the hairline.
  2. Spray thin layers above the hairline.
  3. Wait until the melting spray becomes sticky or dry with a blow dryer.
  4. Apply lace onto the sticky substance that you created above your hairline.
  5. Spray more layers until the lace is completely adhered.
  6. Tie down for 15-20 mins for best results


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